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Embroidered Table Runner

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Embroidered Table Runner (Camino)

You will fall in love with this stunning hand embroidered table runner. These Caminos are hand crafted by Mexican artisans from Chiapas, Mexico. Each piece usually takes 1-2 months to weave by hand and features exotic birds and flowers inspired by the culture of Chiapas.

This is a perfect decorative piece to make a bold statement in your home. Let yourself transform your space with this one of a kind camino. Some of our favorite places to put our camino are at the end of your bed or couch wall decor and of course - your table!

  • Color: White background with multi color floral/bird design
  • 100% Handwoven / Handcrafted
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Chiapas Mexico
  • All-natural dyes

  • Ranges in length from 61" - 66"
  • Ranges in width from 16" - 17"

Care Instructions
Hand Wash or Dry Clean only
Lay flat to dry